Your trusted partner

Dylyver app is your one-stop shop to get quick help with charging your EV or towing your vehicle to the nearest car service.
  • Peace of mind
    Download the Dylyver app and stay assured that you will receive immediate assistance when in need.
  • Click of a button
    This is the easiest and quickest way to get instant help with your broken vehicle or dead battery.
  • Wide coverage
    We are on a mission to provide affordable mobility and tow trucking services to remote cities around the world.

Making everyday things easier

Towing service
Got into accident or your vehicle broke down? Request a towing service with just a click of a button and get your vehicle towed to the nearest car service station.
Roadside assistance
Get an instant help to jumpstart your vehicle, change a flat tire or support with other technical glitches.
EV charging on the go
Owning an EV can be stressful when you are travelling to new places and there or no charging stations around. Charge your vehicle using one of our mobile charging stations.