Earn money on your own schedule

Work on your own terms and time schedule. You decide how much you want to earn, how often you want to drive and what rides you want to accept.

Choose how you want to get paid

You can accept payments with credit cards or all cash rides.

Easily withdraw your earnings

Withdraw your earnings in seconds to any bank account or withdraw them using your Dylyver debit card.

Improved trip efficiency and safety

Stop wasting time explaining to your passengers where your vehicle is parked and skip uncomfortable situations picking up wrong riders. With our AR feature riders will quickly identify your position and immediately go to your vehicle.

Earn from each ride

Invite new passengers and drivers into Dylyver and earn commissions from every ride they make.

Dylyver Driver application

Designed with driver desires in mind. The app allows you to accept ride requests, check statistics of your trips, monitor your referral payments, initiate withdrawals and so much more.

Driver requirements

To become a driver you need to have a vehicle and a mobile. The licensing requirements depend on the country and city, where you want to operate, however the minimum requirements are the same everywhere.

Its easy to get started

Follow a few easy steps to start accepting your first rides. The sign up process is straightforward and everything is managed online.