Embrace the future of mobility

Launch a mobility platform in your city, build your user and driver network and earn commissions from every ride, package delivery and rowing service

Become part of the transportation revolution

Are you ready to revolutionize the way people move around in your city? Become a franchise partner with our ride-sharing company and be part of a game-changing transportation solution! Our platform connects riders with reliable and affordable rides at the touch of a button, and we're looking for passionate entrepreneurs like you to join our growing network.

Why join us

As a franchise partner you can except to get some amazing benefits:
  • 1 A proven business model
  • 2 Comprehensive onboarding and training
  • 3 Ongoing support
  • 4 Access to the revenue-sharing model
  • 5 Full control over operations
  • 6 Freedom to scale your business at your own pace

Take the steering wheel

With Dylyver you get full control over operation in your city and autonomous decision making. You will be able to:
  • 1 Set the required pricing for all the services
  • 2 Create, verify and block drivers
  • 3 Set vehicle categories for your city
  • 4 Send ride requests to drivers with dispatcher tool
  • 5 Respond to emergency situations
  • 6 Track all rides and transactions

Get value from every transaction

Together, we'll revolutionize the way you earn while enhancing the transportation experience for everyone in your city. With Dylyver you can except to receive:
  • 1 Commissions from every ride in your city
  • 2 Earnings from every user ride
  • 3 Referral commissions from every user ride
  • 4 Referral commissions from every driver ride
  • 5 Commissions from premium account upgrades

Onboarding process

Contact us to start your exciting journey as a franchise partner with Dylyver mobility platform. The onboarding is quick and straightforward:
  • 1 Fill out the application form
  • 2 Jump on a call with Dylyver representatives
  • 3 Sign the cooperation agreement
  • 4 Get extensive training and marketing materials
  • 5 Set up a go to market strategy and marketing campaigns
  • 6 Launch operations!