Get to your destination with Dylyver

Get a quick and comfortable ride in a matter of minutes with just one click of a button.

Find your driver using Augmented Reality

No more running around the street, browsing all the license plates and searching for your vehicle. Just point your mobile on the street and quickly identify the driver that came to pick you up.

Take full control of your trip

Track the exact location of your vehicle, call or chat with your driver, check the details of your trip, split ride fare with your friends, share your location with your family - these are only a fraction of things you can do with Dylyver.

Choose your payment method

Pay for your ride using cash, credit cards or Dylyver wallet.

Contact your driver

Easily connect with your Driver via in-app messenger or dial your driver immediately from Dylyver app.

Earn from each ride

Invite new passengers and drivers into Dylyver and earn commissions from every ride they make.

Ready to go places?